the mechanics of the voice

I’ve been thinking about being right brained or left brained. A student brought in tests for us, which let us look at it on a scale. Being left handed, it was not a surprise, I was right brained. It made sense to me to then seek a fastwrite that would call somewhat on the left brain. Here it is: Set a timer for 7 minutes and write to it in any way you like.

Here is a simple physiological outline of the mechanics of the voice:
1) There is an impulse in the motor cortex of the brain.
2) The impulse stimulates breath to enter and leave the body.
3) The breath makes contact with the vocal folds creating oscillations.
4) The oscillations create vibrations in the breath stream.
5) The vibrations are amplified by resonators.
6) The resultant sound is articulated by the lips and tongue to form words.


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