A Writer’s Prayer

I like the way the body is brought to light in this poem. A writer might only want to acknowledge the brain that constructs a piece of writing and the hand(s) that write out the words.

Consider who you are as a writer and forge a prayer to buoy yourself during the times writing is hard.  If not a prayer consider a written mission to materialize your dreams and hopes. If not a mission then an oath…

A Writer’s Prayer                                                                             Sarah Jones

A writer’s prayer

begins on the fringe of mist

twisting around the body of a tree

and winding its way into the sky.

A writer’s prayer

rests on the opening of a day

when the door opens

and the first thought

goes to wondering how the light will hit the tree

or if there will be mist clinging to the lavender.

A writer’s body

is a body of wind

stirring up dirt and leaves,

falling into words put together, carved and etched.

The ache of the world

can be held by the arch of a hand holding a pen.

The writer’s body

is steeped slowly throughout the day

changing colors like tea water

moving from clear to brown, red, or a mustard yellow.

The body of a writer

is a political action

with each swing of a letter

each truth written

the world is broken open,

a vein of truth exposed.

A writer’s prayer is for herself.

That she will hold to slowness

that she will hold to the beauty of a candle

that with the dirt and the grit of living under her nails,

she will write her body into language.


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