Not all the poems  we discuss in class are liked, in fact many are not. Sometimes poems create silence and sometimes they inspire a lot of conversation. The content and structure of this poem is very well built. The information in the poem presses on the reader as it must do the poet. The ideas that can be taken from this poem to write to are massive as well, whether you are drawn to it or not.


Onset                                                                                                              Kim Addonizio


Watching that frenzy of insects above the bush of white flowers,

bush I see everywhere on hill after hill, all I can think of

is how terrifying spring is, in its tireless, mindless replications.

Everywhere emergence: seed case, chrysalis, uterus, endless manufacturing.

And the wrapped stacks of Styrofoam cups in the grocery, lately

I can’t stand them, the shelves of canned beans and soups, freezers

of identical dinners; then the snowflake-diamond-snowflake of the rug

beneath my chair, rows of books turning their backs,

even my two feet, how they mirror each other oppresses me,

the way they fit so perfectly together, how I can nestle one big toe into the other

like little continents that have drifted; my God the unity of everything,

my hands and eyes, yours; doesn’t that frighten you sometimes, remembering

the pleasure of nakedness in fresh sheets, all the lovers there before you,

beside you, crowding you out? And the scouring griefs,

don’t look at them all or they’ll kill you, you can barely encompass your own;

I’m saying I know all about you, whoever you are, it’s spring

and it’s starting again, the longing that begins, and begins, and begins.


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