I Loved the Black Cat

I’m not one who likes to complain about the rain, but when my raincoats don’t dry over night (yes, raincoats) and it’s cold and dark, I can’t help but wish for fairer skies. And sometimes when people let us down our beloved animals sustain us. Note the quote I included and I hope you enjoy the poem.

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”               Louisa May Alcott 

I Loved the Black Cat                                                                      Deborah Slicer

Who stayed in the woodshed with me

During sudden summer thunderstorms late at night.


I miss the man who stayed in our house

Afraid, but I think I did not love him


So much as I loved that cat.

Darkness came undone at seams of lightning.

Black cat sat. Still.


You know how wind leaps on top a bull pine’s back, rides it nearly to the



Well, cat just flared his leather nose a little,

Paws Buddha-tucked.

Watched on.


When thunder cracked its thirty knuckles, helved its three free fists, when

rain spat sideways at us—


Cat snuffed—Pfuss—

So what?


Some storms were so sudden and spectacularly

Terrible, I’d run half-dressed to the woodshed from our house,


Where I’d find my black cat

staring down my terrible,

When the man inside the house could not.


2 thoughts on “I Loved the Black Cat

  1. Lucy, You choose awesome poems! Thank you. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and am teaching a creative writing class at Maranathan Academy on Southside, a non-profit school for critically at-risk students. We were talking about animals in class and I think I’d like us to read this one! Thanks for sharing, T.K.

    T.K. Thorne http://www.TKThorne.com


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