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My Little Prayer

From DISCO a prayer and a blessing. Disco works with local students in Birmingham, AL. This is so honest it breaks my heart and and inspires me at the same time. We need prayers right now and we need our youth. What a beautiful opening line, such a gift.

My Little Prayer                  Tamiya H.  (Putnam Middle School)

Let the ruining end here.

Let the world’s worries wash away.

Let there be relief and allow peace to shine its beautiful face again.

I pray that my auntie recovers from her leg injury and that my mom is able to sustain her job so we will spend no night hungry.

I pray we will get accepted for our dream house.

It’s merely a wish but I wish for it every night.

I pray for my mom and auntie’s anger.

Everyday I feel stuck under their cloud of frustration and fear they will strike each other.

God, bless this house and anger among it.


Here are two poems by Ginger Andrews. Andrews is a born again Christian who owns a cleaning business and works with and lives near extended family members. There is often a bit of humor in her pieces as well as an acknowledgement of the grace imbedded in everyday life.


Prayer                                                             Ginger Andrews

God bless the chick in Alaska
who took in my sister’s ex,
an abusive alcoholic hunk.
Bless all borderline brainless ex-cheerleaders
with long blonde hair, boobs,
and waists no bigger around than a coke bottle
who’ve broken up somebody else’s home.
Forgive my thrill
should they put on seventy-five pounds,
develop stretch marks, spider veins,
and suffer through endless days of deep depression.

Bless those who remarry on the rebound.
Bless me and all my sisters;
the ball and chain baggage we carried into our second marriages.
Bless my broken brother and his live-in.
Grant him SSI. Consider
how the deeper the wounds in my family,
the funnier we’ve become.
Bless those who’ve learned to laugh at what’s longed for.
Keep us from becoming hilarious.
Bless our children.
Bless all our ex’s,
and bless the fat chick in Alaska.


Down on my knees                                        Ginger Andrews

Down on my knees
cleaning out my refrigerator
and thinking about writing a religious poem
that somehow combines feeling sorry for myself
with ordinary praise, when my nephew stumbles in for coffee
to wash down what looks like a hangover
and get rid of what he calls hot dog water breath.
I wasn’t going to bake the cake

now cooling on the counter, but I found a dozen eggs tipped
sideways in their carton behind a leftover Thanksgiving Jell-O dish.
There’s something therapeutic about baking a devil’s food cake,
whipping up that buttercream frosting,
knowing your sisters will drop by and say Lord yes
they’d love just a little piece.

Everybody suffers, wants to run away,
is broke after Christmas, stayed up too late
to make it to church Sunday morning. Everybody should

drink coffee with their nephews,
eat chocolate cake with their sisters, be thankful
and happy enough under a warm and unexpected January sun.

Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work

I don’t know a woman who is happy with her weight. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun coming up with a new life plan.

Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work                                 Nancy Pagh


Praying to god that you will be thin

instead of eating

only burns eleven calories

at average fervency.


Jesus had large love handles.

I know in the pictures he’s skinny

and White

with slightly Italian-esque features,

but he understood the value

of keeping on a few extra pounds

to tide him over in the desert.

If you are a child of god

this runs in your family.


All food miracles create more:

more loaves, more fishes, more wine, more manna…

When you ask god to do something about fat

expect multiplication.


The only time you used to talk to god

was giving thanks before high-caloric meals.

Your fat cells remember this

and begin to swell

even at the mention of his name.


God has stock in Doritos.


Eventually you will tell yourself

that god created you this way

and who are you to disagree?


Contrary to popular belief,

eating is not a mortal sin per se-

and god believes in free will.


Bread & wine. Communion would suggest

god endorses Mediterranean Diet



Blasphemy, to waste German chocolate cake.


God is characterized by excess;

your only proof that god exists

is that the natural world is more than it has to be.


Perhaps the closest you’ve come

to acting in her perfect image

was building your sacred hips.

A Writer’s Prayer

I like the way the body is brought to light in this poem. A writer might only want to acknowledge the brain that constructs a piece of writing and the hand(s) that write out the words.

Consider who you are as a writer and forge a prayer to buoy yourself during the times writing is hard.  If not a prayer consider a written mission to materialize your dreams and hopes. If not a mission then an oath…

A Writer’s Prayer                                                                             Sarah Jones

A writer’s prayer

begins on the fringe of mist

twisting around the body of a tree

and winding its way into the sky.

A writer’s prayer

rests on the opening of a day

when the door opens

and the first thought

goes to wondering how the light will hit the tree

or if there will be mist clinging to the lavender.

A writer’s body

is a body of wind

stirring up dirt and leaves,

falling into words put together, carved and etched.

The ache of the world

can be held by the arch of a hand holding a pen.

The writer’s body

is steeped slowly throughout the day

changing colors like tea water

moving from clear to brown, red, or a mustard yellow.

The body of a writer

is a political action

with each swing of a letter

each truth written

the world is broken open,

a vein of truth exposed.

A writer’s prayer is for herself.

That she will hold to slowness

that she will hold to the beauty of a candle

that with the dirt and the grit of living under her nails,

she will write her body into language.