A quiet, encouraging, welcoming place for me and for my words.


What impresses me most is the connection I can make to each piece.  Clearly from a different background than the writer, I am still able to envision the images and feel the feelings meant to be evoked by each writer.  As women, as members of a community we still share so many experiences, thoughts, worries, ideas…. Very Powerful!


Hearing the words of wisdom drawing from life experiences and being reminded of the power that words have to make one laugh, think, and be deeply moved.


The joy to be here was overwhelming!  I came prepared to envy the great wealth of words, feeling and vision.  I was here, I was in the past, I visited the beach house, I tended to my dying mother, I played and laughed with the other kids!  It was great!


Margaret Marston kindly wrote this and  is allowing me to share it as well.  Thank you Margaret!

The Trip

The Trip began a year ago and by referral and invitation.  The land – the landscape would be new and the natives and other visitors would be strangers – at least at first.

“Why,” wrote the leader. “Why do you want to visit?  What do you hope for your time in this place?”

She wrote back, “Safety.  A safe place to try my wings.”

On the first evening of the visit, the space enchanted her – the candle, the flowers, the cloth spread to bring together all who sat around the circle.  Then, the readings, the writings, and more readings and conversation and more writings.  And then, the evening’s visit is over.

The new land is safe and creates within a fertile soil with soft rain and gentle sunshine so that seeds of thoughts and reflections can sprout and grow – grow to make flowers and vegetables – even saplings of trees.


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